Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sprint Racing... or, Amazingly Fast Dogs

I had the opportunity to shoot sprint racing this weekend at Jack and Mary Lewis' home track in Riverton. I don't think words -- or even photos -- do these dogs justice in terms of understanding just how truly fast they are; it has to be seen to be believed.

Breeds represented were Whippets (above), Borzois (below), Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Italian Greyhounds, Basenjis, Salukis and a way cute Pharoah Hound puppy -- a young champion in the making?

Hit this link to see photos of the races and (some) practice runs:

(Note: After the link, please ignore the paragraph at top of the page. This is from a template I typically use for Agility. I've used it in the interest of quickly getting these photos on line for all to view.)

Thanks very much to Liz Campbell for introducing me to the sport and to Jack and Mary for letting me come out and shoot!

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