Saturday, August 7, 2010

Flyball with the Utah Tail Blazers

While the ball really does (occasionally) fly, it's the dogs that do most of the flying...

Tripp and an unidentified ball

Last Sunday afternoon, just like almost every other Sunday this summer, we had flyball practice at a local park. The 'we' in our family are Josie, Cisco and Suzie and me. (No, fb for Wyatt. Poor Wyatt.)

We're flyball rookies. If this were the NFL we would have to carry the other players' smelly... shoulder pads or practice in dresses or submit to some other indignation. I'm told I have to do wind sprints this Sunday but that's because I submitted this photo for posting on the UTB blog for their Wordless Wednesday post. I can't say who that is in the photo for fear of further retaliation....

Josie and a mystery ball holder

Practice is usually all about... practice. But last time around I got out the camera to see what I could see.


Here's one of my favorites. While a flyball purist may take issue with the form (I say it's perfect form and the camera lies!!) I just love this shot.

Here are some more: UTB Practice