Tuesday, June 30, 2009

DOCNA Camp GittaQ Agility

Here's the link to the Saturday and Sunday combined gallery: CampGittaQ
(That Christa has a way with words, no?)

Among my favorite captures this time around is this simple shot of Linda Newby and Wunder. I've been roundly chastised for posting unflattering people shots -- and YES, dear agilophiles, I'm trying to do better! But in this shot Linda looks as cool as the other side of the pillow. And Wunder's got that muscular, Doberman-black-sheen thing going on. Oh yeah, he's a good looking boy! (Click on the photo for a larger view.)

On the other side of the spectrum is Daisy Mae, Shannon Paulson's All American. Her signature weave 'dismount' is a sight to behold. I got lucky and caught Miss Daisy at the right time here. I wasn't as lucky on one of her equally spectacular teeter dismounts.

And how was our weekend? Well, it was the best of times and...

Wyatt and I had our best day ever on Saturday: Double Q and easily our best Jumpers run EVER at 5.29 yps! (Dang you Christa for going 5.6 or something amazing like that with Annie on Sunday. We have a little corgi rivalry going on.) But more importantly, Wyatt was happy to be there. Perhaps we should've quit while we were ahead because on Sunday, oh my, we did have our problems in both standard runs. I blame myself. We got some of our enthusiasm back for our final jumpers run though. And it was still a great day at a great trial!

Oh, and lest I forget, Suzie and Little Miss Josie had three really nice runs on Sunday. Josie pretty much nailed her weave entries in Standard (a first) and but for one jump that somehow got right in Josie's way, they would've had a clean Jumpers run as well. Big Thanks to Jim Mills for some great and timely handling advice for Suzie prior to those runs. I think it helped. A lot. (We'll both be attending Jim's seminars in Grand Junction come September.)

Enjoy the gallery!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Four Star USDAA Trial

Here are the links to galleries for the Four Star USDAA Agility Trial held at Lynnleigh this past weekend.


I don't think I've ever seen as many extremely high-level handlers at one event...

One of my favorite shots...

I'm starting to see a pattern here with the rain. (Let's hope for clear skies for DOCNA this weekend!) It wasn't the greatest weather to shoot in at times but I do like what the rain added to this chute shot. (Click on it for a slightly larger view.)

As for Team Wyatt, in P I Jumpers, the young man gave me his absolute best run ever. It was fittingly the very last run of the trial and was judged by LaVar, who has been full of encouragement for me and W since our debut in March.

Big Congratulations to both LaVar and TJ Mazur for their judging debut.

I'll try and post a few of my favorite shots this week. Some phenomenal weaves and pretty cool broadjumps come to mind.

It was nice meeting a bunch of you and seeing new/old friends.

Thanks for visiting.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Great Salt Lake Trial Combined Gallery

Sunday was WET. Hats off to everyone who toughed it out. 

I shot very, very little but came away with a few keepers, including this CUTE shot of Forrest exiting, no, make that floating, out of a tunnel!  You go Forrest!

I've combined both days in one gallery -- something I hope to start doing regularly. And it's here: GSL Combined

Thanks to Wendy, Melissa (and the Chihuahua Crew)George and everyone at the Great Salt Lake Dog Training Club for putting on another nice event. Looking forward to their September trial.

Also, special congratulations to Adrianne Belger and Dune on their Novice Standard title! That's them here:

I leave you with a shot of Derby that just makes me smile! (Click on it for a nice big view.)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Great Salt Lake AKC Agility Trial

Here's the link to today's shots: GSLDTC Agility

The courses seemed to lend themselves more to jumps today. Lots and lots and lots of jumps.

Here's one of my faves:

We began printing on-site today, which went over pretty well. Folks seem to like the idea of ordering and receiving prints on the spot. Weather and technology permitting, we'll do the same tomorrow. 

See you then!