Monday, June 8, 2009

Great Salt Lake Trial Combined Gallery

Sunday was WET. Hats off to everyone who toughed it out. 

I shot very, very little but came away with a few keepers, including this CUTE shot of Forrest exiting, no, make that floating, out of a tunnel!  You go Forrest!

I've combined both days in one gallery -- something I hope to start doing regularly. And it's here: GSL Combined

Thanks to Wendy, Melissa (and the Chihuahua Crew)George and everyone at the Great Salt Lake Dog Training Club for putting on another nice event. Looking forward to their September trial.

Also, special congratulations to Adrianne Belger and Dune on their Novice Standard title! That's them here:

I leave you with a shot of Derby that just makes me smile! (Click on it for a nice big view.)