Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I envision this blog as a means to share images and talk about some of the great dogs I am lucky enough to photograph. It will also allow me to talk about agility (dog obstacle course) and herding, as well as our family's pack. With this first post, I think I'll go there -- to family, and Wyatt, our Alpha Dog.

Wyatt's a pembroke welsh corgi. He's five. If you're thinking he doesn't look like other corgis you may have seen, you're right. He's a fluff. He came to use from Phoxhaven Corgis, in Mississippi, when he was just six months old -- and still small enough to fit in a carry on bag. 
Luckily for us, his long coat disqualified him from conformation (think 'Best in Show'), and his breeder liked the idea of him going to a home where he could herd and run agility. Otherwise, our paths might not have crossed.

Wyatt's smart and pretty athletic, a good thing for performance sports, but he is also spoiled rotten. That's not a good thing for sports where drive and obedience are required. We're working on that...

The shot above is of Wyatt patiently posing for me while I tried out a new flash. Those are his eyes at the top of the page. And over on the far right is a link to his website. Feel free to check it out and meet the other members of our brood.
Wyatt's a GREAT poser, capable of sitting in place for long periods. He's my go-to guy for trying a new technique or standing in for other dogs when I'm getting set for an actual shoot.
In fact, it was Wyatt who first showed me I can actually make nicely lit portraits. This shot was my very first attempt at doing so. He may be spoiled but he sure spoiled me by being such a willing and, if I do say so myself, handsome model! I shared this image with some friends and, through word-of-mouth alone requests and referrals for sittings began coming in. 

So thank you, Wyatt!