Monday, October 12, 2009

Christmas Cards Anyone?

Hot of the press, here's our 2009 prototype:

Last year, last minute we produced a Christmas card from a picture of our pooches. We received so many comments that we decided to offer cards this year to anyone who might be interested.

Suzie and I had a blast last night shooting this shot and some long-overdue individual portraits of Wyatt, Josie and Cisco. (I'll post some, and a introduction to Cisco, our Pound Puppy and resident devil, soon.)

I prefer an all-white background but other colors can work too. It's all a matter of personal taste. We searched in vain for Santa-type Christmas caps this weekend but came up empty. It turns out everything is seasonal. So this may not be the image we send out...

Drop me a line or call if you are interested in a card of your pooch(es). The sooner the better as it is already mid-October.