Tuesday, June 15, 2010

GSL Agility Combined


Hello all!

Here are some more photos from this weekend: GSL June 12/13 Agility Trial

I've added Sunday's to those taken on Saturday; they're all in one gallery! This means you can order photos from the whole trial in one shopping cart.

(You must complete an order from one gallery before proceeding to another or you will still lose the images in your shopping cart. I'm sorry if this has happened to you.)

I'll try to post a few more of the shots I liked from the weekend. But this post goes out to Indy. The lens is liking Indy a lot. For some reason I get more crisply focused keepers with Indy than most other dogs. And I've just gotten so lucky with shots of this screamin' demon on course doing his thing. That would be running really well while talking to his handler, Marilyn Murray.

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