Monday, February 15, 2010

How Josie Spent President's Day


We spent the day in Spanish Fork with Josie (our border collie, if you don't already know) doing what she and Suzie enjoy most. It had been several weeks since she had been on sheep but she worked surprisingly well for Suzie in the Big Field with good outruns and some nice drives.

And whether Suzie is communicating a little more convincingly or whether Josie has just decided she wants to listen, she was in control for almost the whole day. That's progress for this pair.

Of course, our friend Linda worked with Josie in the small pen (below) beforehand and probably helped Joie get some of that "Oh My God, Sheep!!" excitement out of her system.

Friends and strangers regularly tell us how sweet Josie is -- and she really is. But, above all else, she's a herding dog. The shot below is how not to behave but it happens. The sheep wasn't hurt (I promise) and that was the only gripping that went on.