Wednesday, September 23, 2009

DOCNA AGILITY - Grand Junction Style!

Here's the link: Grand Junction Agility Photos

Suzie and I (and Wyatt and Josie) had such a great time this past weekend. Y'all know how to put on a trial. Thanks so much to Cathy Stampe for letting me come and shoot the trial, and to the whole Junction Gang for being such great hosts. I see the Airport Motel 6 and Grand Junction as a regular stop for us!

An observation: while Utah rules (the nation!) in the whole birthrate thing, Colorado seems to be producing a significantly higher percentage of junior handlers. It was really great to see Kaitlyn, Levi, Mauryn and their young peers just tearing up the courses! (Levi's Jumpers run on Saturday, his first run ever if I'm not mistaken, put a HUGE smile on my face.)

Levi Hatch and Mater

Enjoy the photos!