Monday, September 21, 2009

New & Improved Great Salt Lake Agility Gallery!

(Or Keith Finally Gets Off His Rump and Posts Sunday's Photos)


Hi all!

I was away all of last week without a good internet connection. (How we take it for granted.) Got home Friday in time to repack and head to Grand Junction for a DOCNA trial. More on that tomorrow, I hope.

Anyway, I FINALLY added Sunday's photos here: Great Salt Lake Combined Gallery.


PS. I am swamped with orders. I'm trying to get caught up this week. I appreciate everyone's patience.

PSS. I seem to be posting too few photos lately. Let's catch up a little bit:


Trace Soaring
(Give that dog a cape!)

Ernie Page and Emma
(Could Ernie or Emma have offered some form of compensaton to be pictured twice in one blog entry? No comment!)

(and those great ears!)

(Nobody, and I mean nobody works as hard as Melinda Gaines to get the most out of their partner!)