Monday, September 20, 2010

Great Salt Lake Agility Gallery

Here's the link: GSL Agility Photos

This was actually one of the more difficult trials I've shot in a while; with very few exceptions the 'money' shots were invariably backlit, which makes for horrible shots of black dogs in particular. It happens. It's why there are so many chute shots here and so few weaves, no tires, etc. But whattayagonnado? (Course designers, repeat after me: Run To The Sun!)

Still, it a was fun three days.

I love the chute, actually. Even though it is -- for me -- easily the most difficult thing to shoot well. That shot of Nic, at top, and some of the others you'll see in the gallery were worth the effort though.


That leaves.... jumps. With jumps, I try to look for a certain angle. If you get lucky, you can find an angle conducive to a rear cross. If you get even luckier, some sort of synchronicity might find you. Can you see it in the above shot of Ivana and Katherine Emge? (Sorry for the decapitation, Kathy!)


And sometimes you can find an angle that lets you stack a series of jumps. I think that's why this shot of Aine is one of my favorites of the weekend. (Click on it for a better view.)

Anyway... Thanks for visiting and I hope you find something you like.

PS. From Thursday through not-quite-sure when next week, I'll be in Colorado, first at DOCNA Nationals, and then at Golden Retriever Nationals. (Wish Wyatt luck at DOCNA!) I'm afraid orders won't go out until late next week at the earliest.