Friday, October 1, 2010

2010 DOCNA National Championships

Last Thursday we packed up the pack, my camera gear and printer, and headed south, to Grand Junction, for the DOCNA Nationals. It was our first, an event we'd looked forward to ever since I figured out the significance of the NAC qualifiers offered at local Utah trials in the summer of 2009. (Really, I had no idea what the big deal was about the NAC.)


Suzie and I LOVE The Junction. The Stampes and others are probably tired of hearing us go on about how we'd like to move there... but to visit GJ for the DOCNA championships was the best reason yet.

Here's a link to photos from the trial: DOCNA National Championships Gallery.

Josie Girl

Personally, Suzie and I feel like we had a pretty productive weekend with Wyatt and Josie. Both got ribbons of every color. Josie's accomplishments are perhaps more noteworthy as she was in a deeper, more talented field. But I am very, very, VERY happy with Wyatt's Jumpers crown. He really got on it for me when it counted -- in spite of a really big handling error on my part in the finals! (Who botches jumpers, right? I do!)

If you ran in the Intern class, you might not find photos of your runs. I'm sorry about this. It was difficult to run Wyatt and shoot the same class. But this was Wyatt's last trial so, in all likelihood, next year, we won't have the same conflict!

Did you catch that in the last sentence? Yep, Wyatt is RETIRED! He went out with a bang and I am soooo proud of him. I will now focus on Cisco. And unless I am unable to bring it out of him, 16" jumpers need to be very, very afraid! (Just kidding, of course.)

Thanks for looking!