Tuesday, May 5, 2009

All the way from Ohio... meet Toby

What to do on vacation, on the road, far away from your comfortable home studio environment, when you want a portrait of a very important person.... err, companion animal, who means the world to his family, and who happens to be... family? You enlist your brother-in-law to serve as set designer (yeah Jeff!), throw up a few sheets and turn an ordinary foyer into a home-away-from-home studio.

The end result is this shot of Toby, a three year old Corgi of the Pembroke variety. Hard to believe it, especialy when you spend a little time around him, but Toby was actually given up by his first owners and became a rescue dog before landing in his forever home with Jeff, Lillian, Catherine and Michael.

And since we think of them as cousins, we couldn't pass up the chance to get a shot of Toby with Wyatt (our corgi).

As corgis go, they couldn't physically be more different, with Wyatt's long, lean body and that fluffy coat, compared to Toby's stocky linebacker-like build with his beautiful short hair. Surely there's not a female corgi who wouldn't absolutely drool over one or maybe even BOTH of them!

Probably the most remarkable thing about Toby is his drive. We had serious discussions about whether to whisk him away in the middle of the night and make him Super Agility Corgi but for some reason we thought better of it...

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