Saturday, May 23, 2009

More Group IV Terrier Club Agility

Today's shots are up and here's the link: Saturday's Photos

I ran Wyatt (above) today -- and Suzie ran him twice. Hmmm. He is supposed to be my dog now. I guess if you define 'mine' as one-third of the time, then yes, Wyatt's my dog. (Mind you, she's also running Josie!) That girl just can't let go! 

Not a Q in sight but we had FUN. I've heard from several friends so far this weekend that getting little pieces is fine but that it's frustrating when it's just little pieces time after time. I hear you but I guess it's all about perspective... Wyatt had flat out had enough at last weekend's ASCA trial in particular and more and more in general lately. So to get the little pieces (big pieces, actually) that we got today was a lot better than the alternative...

See you on site tomorrow!