Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jessie - with a dog's point of view!

So, what are they thinking when you plop 'em down in front of the lights??? Well, here's a recent conversation with Jessie, Dot's striking dalmation...

Me: Jessie, hey. Good to see you. We'll have you sit right here.
Jessie: Here? Let's get this over with. [Yawns] Already bored!

.Me: Aw, c'mon, Jessie. It'll be fun.
Jessie: Not listening Mr. Photographer man. Going to sleep now.

Me: Would you do it for a cookie?
Jessie: Hmm. Where do I look?

Jessie: How's this?

Awww. Thank you, Jessie!

Hee hee. Truth be told Jessie was far from uncooperative! We actually had what we needed in the first few shots. It was only later that we caught that great yawn and the precise moment of the blink...